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MultiChoice® Universal Integrated Shower Diverter Rough

MODEL: R22000
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Product Features

The Delta® MultiChoice® Integrated Shower Diverter consolidates custom shower design with its consumer-preferred streamlined style eliminating the need for an additional diverter valve. With three popular trim style choices to coordinate with any bathroom décor, it provides you the flexibility to select the type of custom shower functionality you prefer. With the MultiChoice® Universal system, you have the freedom to upgrade style and functionality later. And, because there’s no need to alter plumbing behind the wall, you save time, effort and money on future renovation updates.

MultiChoice® Universal Rough-in onlyOne-Piece forged valve body without stopsBack-to-back installation capabilityIntegrated shower-only diverter rough-in
Special Feature
multi-choice-universal.pngMultiChoice® Universal Valve
MultiChoice® Universal Valve

The MultiChoice® Universal Valve allows you to install one rough in the wall and then choose from three different shower functions as well as various styles

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